Body Work and Painting

Here at LRC, we specialize in reproducing paint and graphics for Kawasaki Triples. After over 30 years of hand-cutting stencils for tanks, side covers, tail decals, and lettering, we have recently purchased a stencil-cutting machine and have been creating our current custom stencils in-house using our CADD program. Not only has this investment increased our ability to produce more reproductions per year, but it has also allowed us to share standardized, high-end quality reproductions with our customers.

As Kawasaki first started with the H1, we began there as well.  To date, the H1-D, H1-E, H1-F, and the H1-A8 (KH500) have been added to our CADD database for stencil reproduction. Soon to come will be the H2 and the S series collections, since we continue to update our stencils each month. Should not find the one you are looking for within our collection, we would be happy to create it for you at no additional charge. For example: if you do not see a decal for a KH400 we will make the stencil for you in order to complete your project.

Please be aware that some paint jobs are only possible with the use of decals (the Early H1s, for example), and other paint jobs can only be hand painted. This has been the case even in Kawasaki’s own factories. The H1-D and H1-E are two good examples of models that conform to these particular situations.